TRIGGER WARNING: If you are a fragile little snowflake, this book might offend you. The author offers no apologies for offending you. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have a right not to be offended. Deal with it.

He further suggests that social justice warrior snowflakes return to their reading of Karl Marx and Franz Kafka and attending drum circles while living in an echo chamber.   Thank you for your understanding and for not being microaggressed.

A left-wing friend of mine once told me, "Most people that are right-wing hate NAZIs. Well, most people that are left-wing hate social justice warrior snowflakes." So, if you are a left-wing non-SJW-snowflake, then this book might be for you too!


"If you can't win an argument, then you should shut down the opposite side." This method is called de-platforming and is a favorite tactic of the left.

This way the leftist doesn't have to protect their ideas and have their view of the world challenged. It also removes their responsibility from results of their bad decisions by blaming it on those evil right-wingers.

Of course, in their narrow view of the world, words are akin to violence and being offended is equal to being physically assaulted. Therefore, they incorrectly think that they have a right not be offended and ideas that they don't agree with is not constitutionally protected speech since it is "violence." The leftist wants to turn the public square into one big "safe space."

That of course is a fact unless the person being offended is one of those stupid white male Republicans that is hell-bent on ruining the world like some Bond villain, or one of those turncoat minority conservatives siding with the white male Republicans. The left really hates the latter.

These are the people that the left doesn't think should have a voice in the national conversation. The left views these people as not having the experience of being oppressed and poor and therefore their opinion is not as relevant as someone of a protected class. It doesn't matter if the person speaking up is a kid living in poverty from the backwoods of Appalachia.

According to the left, this poverty-stricken kid is still a product of white privilege and doesn't know the struggles of an upper-class African-American woman. According to the modern-day leftist, this woman's voice is more important when it comes to the suffering of the poor than the poor kid from the mountains of Virginia even if she has never had to go to bed hungry because her family couldn't afford food. This idea is an example of the twisted thinking of the social justice warrior.

The civil rights leader, Martin Luther King JR., once eloquently said, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." It is such a profound statement that most people would agree with. Notice I said, "most."

The left wholeheartedly rejects this noble idea of judging someone by the content of their character instead of by the color of their skin. The concept of downplaying skin color by King would probably micro-aggress the upper-class left-leaning white students from college campuses across the country. The idea that everyone has an equal voice on issues is viewed as inherently racist by the leftist.

The role of identity politics is the critical center point in the playbook of de-platforming opposing voices. By portraying people as victims, leftist groups such as Black Lives Matter, ran by the trans-racial Shaun King, can play the hero while pinning the Doctor Evil pin on anyone that opposes them all the while profiting by milking money out of gullible snowflakes.

What is particularly funny to me is that leftist brands everyone on the right as "fascist" but cannot seem to define fascism or admit that the roots of fascism were born out of the Italian Socialist party of pre-World War II in Europe. They will not accept that their tactics are taken straight out of the playbook of the German Brown Shirts and the Italian Black Shirts. Identity politics is the doctrine of the left. It is also a massive piece of fascism, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

This book is broken down into two parts. The first part shows the tactics the leftist use to discredit and marginalize people that challenge their delusional view of how the world works.  They use these cards to label their opponents in order to discount their differing opinions. If you don't want to be labeled a Nazi, racist, or just plain stupid then just do as they say, and everything will be OK.

We will examine every one of these cards and see how they have been used to stifle free speech on college campuses, online, the media, and in all other forms of the public square. By using these cards, the left tries to destroy the marketplace of ideas that helped found our country.  The social justice warrior has become the thought police that George Orwell predicted in his masterpiece 1984.

If you don't believe in the phrase "White Privilege," then you are a dirty racist. The leftist requires no other evidence for this modern form of being tarred and feathered. It doesn't matter what else you did in your life, or even if you are not white. The challenging of this leftist fantasy is akin to the scarlet letter to the social justice warrior. Once you get this designation, it is yours to wear forever. Unless, of course, you become a Democrat. Then all of your sins are forgiven even if you were the leader of the KKK like the hero of race relations, Robert Byrd.

If you believe in legal immigration, then you must be a xenophobe and hate all immigrants. The left thinks we should have an open border to all immigrants like they do in Canada. Except Canada has stricter immigration policies than we do in the US. This fact is one that the left consistently, conveniently overlooks. Hey, how else are they going to increase their voter rolls?

If you don't believe in late-term abortion on demand, then you must be anti-women! The left will rail against you shouting things like "it is a woman's body,” ignoring the fact that it is the baby's body that in the process of the procedure is killed. Then again, it is the left that believes that terrorist should have their lives spared and those burdensome babies shouldn't have the right to life.

Also, don't blame radical Islam for anything. The leftist think that Muslims are not responsible for any terrorist act committed in the name of Islam. Those terrorists are just fake Muslims. This incredibly weird idea is the opinion of most of the social justice warriors. The leftist will also point to the crusades and the Spanish Inquisition every time Islamic terrorism comes up in the discussion as if they happened yesterday. They will even equate holding a sign on a street corner that says "God Hates Fags" to terrorist flying airplanes into buildings.

Speaking of homosexuality, don't even assume someone's pronouns, you evil sis white male! This unintended slight is a mortal sin to the easily offended snowflakes. Also, if you don't want to watch two guys make out in front of the castle in Disneyland, then you are homophobic.  The leftist demand you bow to the altar of everything LGBTQ. Eventually, we will run out of letters.

You are probably homophobic because of your stupid antiquated religion. The leftist insist that religion is backward and has no place in the modern world unless that belief is Islam or Scientology. They seem to ignore the fact that their breed of atheism and their blind devotion to drinking from the well of their Marxist liberalism is as much of a religion as the Catholics living next door.

We don't need the scientific method when it comes to climate change even though skepticism is critical to the scientific process. The left loves to attack people who either don't believe in climate change or want to study it more. This resistance to scientific scrutiny is most likely because every prediction the climate change pushers ever made about the climate has failed to come true. Also, the leftist icon, Al Gore, makes money off the hysteria while jet-setting around the world in his private jet selling his carbon credit Ponzi scheme.

Of course, if you fall into any of the categories above or disagree with anything that the left says then you must be stupid. The leftist likes to portray themselves as some kind of super-brain "master race." Anyone that disagrees with them is automatically stupid. This way they can just brush off any challenge to their platform as merely the ravings of an idiot that they don't have to take seriously.

Anything else you say is just a microaggression. This imaginary phrase is the leftist safety net. Anything and everything can magically become a microaggression. This term allows the left-wing to discount anything a right-wing speaker says. It is an all-powerful tool in de-platforming the opposition.

"You look nice."  Microaggression!  That is sexist!  You might end up in HR or a target of the #metoo movement, which by the way is a noble movement but can be a little abusive when people like Aziz Ansari gets put on the list for being a bad date and not reading the anonymous woman's mind.

"Great Job!"  Microaggression!  That is racist!  You are implying that minorities can't do as well as others and need more encouragement! You see the issue? Whether the speaker says anything negative or positive, it can be turned against them by the left. This tactic, in essence, is the easiest way to de-platform someone.

The second part of the book shows the direct action they take against anyone that stands up to their bullying tactics. The left is an open and accepting group. That is if you have an almost cult-like devotion to the ideas of the left. Thinking for yourself is never permitted. You must be an automaton.

"Did you hear how Trump has a third nipple?" We will show how the leftist uses rumors to try to hurt the people on the right. By knowingly framing a person by something that they are not, they can try to de-platform their opponent. The highest people in the Democratic party have used the tactic in the past to smear their political opponents.

"If you run ads on The FoxNews Channel, then we aren't going to buy your soap."  The left wants to force advertisers to choose between running ads on high successful TV shows and networks or be branded by the left a supporter of hate. The idea is to take ad revenue away from people that tow the leftist line, making it impossible for the shows to survive these misguided boycotts.

"That guy doesn't believe in a living wage! Fire him!"  The anti-freedom left loves going after people's livelihood. Anyone who speaks their mind and doesn't agree with the left will become a target. The left doesn't think people with different viewpoints have the right to earn a living. This tactic is one of the most nefarious things that the SJWs have in their arsenal.

"I am suing you!"  If the boycotts fail and the attacks on someone's job fail, the left will merely try to sue you out of existence. In their minds, people should not have the right to practice their religion if they don't agree with it. Unless, of course, that belief is Islam or really any other religion that is not Christian. Then have at it, you poor oppressed people!

"Jim told a racist joke! I am blasting this all over social media." In this day and age of always being connected, this tool has come to prominence. Public shaming isn't anything new, but the speed and reach that shaming now has are unparalleled in history. Public shaming used to try to destroy one's life.

"Your son is an evil man!  If you don't move, we will protest in your front yard until you do." This example might seem a little extreme, but the scary fact is that it happens. When the above leftist attacks fail, they resort to attacking people close to their original target. This method is the same tactics that supervillains use in comics and why Spider Man wears a mask.

"Rush the stage! Shout him down!" This tactic is a favorite of the college leftist. Over and over again this happens with any rightwing speech or rally. Examples are everywhere:  From Milo speaking at Berkeley to people blocking traffic trying to prevent people from getting to Trump rallies during the 2016 election. People on the left will use any method to stop people from even hearing ideas that they deem as wrong.

"I killed my family. Please send the police." These false calls to police are called SWATTING. These false reports are made in hopes of the SWAT team showing up. This is a scary tactic, and people have been killed during these bogus calls. With the rise of VOIP systems such as Skype, these calls are on the rise.

"Punch a NAZI!"  Ah, the peaceful loving left inciting violence. When microaggressions are met with macroaggressions, it takes de-platforming to a whole other level. Unfortunately, these attacks are becoming commonplace. We will explore the groups and the people that preach these hateful and violent tenets.

Finally, we will get into what we can do to fight back. These cowardly tactics are just not going to go away and need to be met head-on. These are the same people that preach the Constitution is an old outdated document with no real use. These are the people that teach that America is an evil country, ignoring the fact that the US has freed more people from bondage than any other nation in the history of the planet.

Ben Shapiro once said, "If you are on defense, then you are losing." We will take these words to heart and talk about ways to go on the offense and prevent our voices from being silenced by the liberty-hating left.

It takes courage, and it also takes fortitude, but it is something that must happen to bring other people that have been de-platformed out of the proverbial closet.